Register for the exam

If you would like to register for a Euroexam, you need to contact the local examination centre closest to you, where you would like to take the exam. To find out more about exam dates and find your nearest centre click here.

To register for the Euroexam please fill in the registration form and send it to your local examination centre.

Please note that the written and spoken parts of the Euroexam can be taken separately or together. So you can register for the following:

  • the Written and Spoken Exam together, to achieve the Euroexam International Certificate
  • the Spoken Exam 
  • the Written Exam 

(Please note that the Spoken and Written exam can be taken separately, however you will only be awarded the Euroexam International Certificate when you have passed both the written and spoken parts at the same level within a period of two years.)

The Regional Euroexam Centres will be able to help you enrol for an exam and answer any other questions – e.g. about exam fees and dates. 

Registration deadline

Centres may set their own deadlines but 4-6 weeks before the exam date is the usual time for candidate registration. For further information you should contact your local centre. 

How to find a centre

For an up-to-date list of approved testing centres please contact the Regional Euroexam Office here.