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Euroexams are made up of two parts: the spoken and the written. The Spoken Exam tests the speaking skills, while the Written Exam tests how good you are at listening, reading and writing.

The spoken and written exams can be taken separately or together. All exam scripts and the spoken audio files are collected by the Regional Exam Centre, then sent for marking by professional examiners in the UK and Euroexam’s regional centres in the EU.

Success in the exam

Every examination tests the four skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. To pass the complete exam candidates need to score 60% of the total marks (all four skills/tests combined) with a minimum of 40% in each skill.

If however you take the spoken and written parts of the exam separately, you need to score at least 60% in both parts to pass the Euroexam.

Results and grades

  • Results are available in 30 days after the date of the examination. The local examination centre informs candidates of their results.
  • Candidates will receive a grade of Pass or Fail.  Successful candidates who demonstrate a significantly higher level of ability than is required for a simple pass will be awarded a Pass with Distinction.
  • Candidates who have passed both the written and the spoken parts of the Euroexam, will be awarded the Euroexam International Certificate
  • The official and final scores will be shown on the certificate.

Notifications of Achievement for the Spoken and Written Exams

Those achieving 60% in the Spoken Exam, whether taken separately or as part of the complete four-test Euroexam, will be provided with a Notification of Achievement in the Spoken exam, if they have not yet passed the Written Exam.

A Notification of Achievement in the Written exam will be provided in either of the following situations:

  • The candidate has taken the Written Exam (the Reading Writing and Listening Tests) and has achieved a minimum average of 60% and a minimum of 40% in each of the three skills tested, if they have not yet passed the Spoken Exam.
  • The candidate has taken the complete Euroexam. In the written part of the exam (the Reading Writing and Listening Tests) s/he has an average of 60% in these three components, a minimum of 40% in each, but either has not achieved 40% in the Spoken Exam or the overall result for the complete exam is below 60%.

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