Why Euroexam?

The Euroexams are based on the key idea that for most students the ability to communicate is more important than a theoretical knowledge of language. Following this approach, the Euroexam Centre provides standardised exams that test students’ success in real communication. Students who succeed in our exams prove that they can also succeed in real-life situations using their English; and their exam certificates demonstrate this in a way that is well understood all over Europe and in several countries beyond.

Euroexams – what are they?

The Euroexams are a suite of communicative examinations for learners of English, focusing on all four language skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking), and are internationally recognised as Common European Framework aligned exams. They meet the real-world needs of language learners in a multilingual environment and test the learners’ ability to use English in a real-life environment. The Euroexams are available at A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels.

Transparent and secure exam procedures meeting international standards

A reliable and fair exam is more than just good tests written by international experts with a thorough background in teaching. The procedures governing the Euroexams are fully transparent. Also security has been a priority from the beginning. All written exam scripts are returned for marking by independent examiners in the UK and in Euroexam’s regional centres across the EU. Speaking tests are recorded and transferred electronically for marking by our accredited oral examiners in the UK and Europe. Our team of native English and German speaking interlocutors and invigilators who supervise the examinations play no role in the marking or assessment process. In this way the Euroexams have proven themselves to be fair, impartial and secure, thus meeting the requirements of an international certification organisation.

A wide range of exam preparation and practice resources

The Euroexams are written with learners and their teacher in mind. Success in the exam needs effective teaching. Well prepared teachers need a range of course and practice books, with online available materials easily accessible.

The Euroexam Centre has been publishing course and practice books since 2002, regularly updating its range of publications to meet teachers’ expectations as well as guaranteeing that all books are kept fully up to date to take account of the latest exam format. Euroexam coursebooks are now available for the B2 and C1 level Euroexams in English and B2 level for German. A new edition of our Eurocity B1 coursebook will be available in early 2016. Past examination papers are also in demand and our Practice Test Books for B1, B2 and C1 levels offer plenty of practice opportunities. Practice materials for all levels including A1 and A2 are available on-line and in electronic form from our local testing centre partners.

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International awards and recognition

The Euroexam Centre and its experts have been partners in long-term international educational research programmes.

The Euroexams were selected to join the Council of Europe-led project to develop recommended procedures for examination centres across Europe. The result of this work became known as the ‘Council of Europe Manual,’ which since 2004 has been widely used by examination centres and universities to link their own tests to the Framework. In 2015 the Euroexam Centre joined new important research programmes led by the Council of Europe.

The Euroexams were the choice of the British Chamber of Commerce when the Chamber was looking for a long-term partner to provide Business English for professionals in Spain.

In 2001 the Euroexam Centre was awarded the prestigious European Language Label for its “innovative approach in applying the Common European Framework in test development". Ten years later in 2011 the Euroexam Centre received the European Language Label for the second time, awarded for its newly developed online examination preparation courses.

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CEFR level Euroexam and EuroPro levels
C2 Mastery
C1 Operational Proficiency - Euro / EuroPro C1
B2 Vantage - Euro / EuroPro B2
B1 Threshold - Euro / EuroPro B1
A2 Waystage - Euro A2
A1 Breakthrough - Euro A1