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Why do people hate exams? Perhaps because exams were set up only to find out what students didn’t know? Perhaps, because they were so unpredictable, - or simply because they weren’t useful? Exams often took no account of why their candidates needed them, and they paid little attention to what real-life language was actually like.

As a result of over twenty years of research, the Council of Europe published the Common European Framework. This ground-breaking document gives a detailed description of what learners need in order to use a language for effective communication at each stage of learning. Very soon the Framework became accepted as the new standard for language testing across Europe.

The developers of the Euroexams adopted the Common European Framework as the foundation for their new exams. In 2001 the Euroexam suite was the first international examination system for which the specification of levels, the exam tasks, the breakdown of certificate results and even the coursebooks and preparation materials directly corresponded to the new European standard. The Euroexams reflect what students, teachers, and employers expect from an exam today – they test success in real communication.