Tips for the B2 level exam

The Spoken Exam has four tasks, which are similar to things you do in real life. You tell stories, argue, solve problems and communicate information to get things done. This collection of tips, suggestions and useful language will help you do well in the exam.

Speaking tips for the A2 level

The Spoken Exam at A2 level has four tasks. There are usually two candidates in the Spoken Exam, you and your partner. So, when we write "you" in these tips, it means that the same thing happens to the other candidate, too, or if we say "you give your presentation", it means that both of you do it, one after the other.

Course and practice books

If you are preparing for the Euroexams, have a look around here and you are sure to find the book that best fits your needs. Use the Eurocity coursebooks and combine them with our testbook and the downloadable practice tests. Finally, use the 'Preparation tips' section to familiarise yourselves with our recommended practical exam tips and strategies. 

General English exams

Euroexam is the right choice for you if you want an exam which is internationally recognised, and helps you develop real-life English skills. These communicative tests of everyday English standardised to the levels of the Common European Framework